This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take from me.

Hey readers!

Guess you have to get used to me not posting many photos up. I’m still not really used to using wordpress just yet, and hopefully I will in a couple of weeks time!:) I still love tumblr, cos the layouts are easier and the personalisation for most of the settings are up to me. But the bad thing is that the servers are always always down because of the over-capacity. I hope they’ll really do something about it soon or else more people are gonna leave tumblr.

And if you’re reading this, please don’t share the url out because I wanna keep it to as little people as possible. This is kind of my personal blog, but if you choose to, then so be it.

This is what I was typing yesterday night before I slept.

“It seems like there’s a long list of things you’re never gonna ever take away from me. Sure, I won’t let you do that but it doesn’t mean they won’t choose to run away themselves. What a statement.

Suddenly thought of so many useless things that make sense – how I (and others, as well) always want things I can’t have and will always want to be someone I’m not. For example of how much I want someone to lean on, but there’s never gonna be anyone there.”

This morning was a bad morning, or in fact, every morning whenever I’m forced to wake up so early. I utterly detest people who don’t practise what they preach, or they don’t set an example for others.


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