Skies are crying, I am watching.

Hello readers.

I’m so sorry for all the unkept promises of updating the blog the next day or smth because I’m always working and I can’t seem to multi task whilst I blog cos I’ll probably say the wrong things to the customer. I just realised that the readers I’m referring to, simply just refers to me. How’s that sound? Maybe I should get more people to know about my blog. Though wordpress simply wanna make me pay for basically whatever I wanna use – be it the font, or the space uploading the pictures – I will not fear. I’ll simply post without pictures then. Anyways, I don’t have pictures to post up for now. My life is currently surrounded by work.

I’m so glad to be able to say I FINALLY ACCEPTED MY PLACE IN RP! My parents were like ‘Its your choice’ so I decided to just go for it, and really excel in poly. Because I don’t wanna end up like how I’m left with hardly any choices in secondary school. But basically, it’s not like I know what I wanna do with life anyways. I think the singing career suits me the best. With all the glitz and glamour, but it isn’t that easy. Ahh, let’s just put aside such serious things in life like my future career. That can wait, for a teeny bit longer.

I think I’ll miss my current job at SPH a lot. I mean, although it is kinda boring saying the same lines to the same old annoying Singaporeans, I have way much more freedom than working out on the selling floor. I can snack, text, read and basically do almost anything I want so long as I’m on the phone talking to the subscribers. I can even sit down unlike my other previous jobs where my aching legs simply just tortured me. Maybe I’ll come back after my trip šŸ™‚ My colleagues are a funny bunch of people, and I know I will miss them. But guess, all things still have to end.

My life would be pretty eventful after this week! On saturday, I’ll have a lot of appointments. Sunday, I’ll be working and going to my grandma’s place. On Monday, I would be having a BBQ with my favourite people. And on tuesday, I’ll be off to Phuket:) On the night I’m back, I’ll be going to stay over at GB HQ if possible! Because saturday, we have the Creative Cheerleading Competition which I’m helping. And on sunday, IĀ  have an outing with the M&S staff! Then monday, I’ll be having recording sessions hopefully with Yu Hung! šŸ™‚ I missed how busy my life was before, with so many trainings, and meet ups and what not. And then for a period of time, I was absolutely so bored – waiting for things to happen. But now things are gonna change because my parents have been so much less lenient in my outings, and meet up with friends. And school is going to start! I can’t wait for freshmen camp to start on the 5th, and for orientation camp from the 11th – 13th.

Knocking off from work in a bit. I’ll hopefully be able to update the things tmr morning! ā¤



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