Days like these, I wanna drive away.

Hello once again! 🙂

I’m only left with er, 3 days of work? I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to drag myself to work. Okay, fine, it’s not so serious. I don’t drag myself to work. I just dread the transportation to work even though it’s so near home that I can even walk. It’s like so troublesome. Take a bus here, cross a bridge and take another bus. And then I WALK.

I’m supposed to be calling and calling people, but here I am slacking and slacking. Heehee!:) But I’ve been calling and calling people that I’m so scared of the phone right now. My ear aches and turn red after every call:( Just spoke to my bosses! I might come back to SPH during my holidays and work!:)

Gonna do dedications for my favourite people in the next post. I can’t promise I’ll do for everyone, but I’ll try my bestest before the clock ticks to 8.30pm!:)


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