I’m standing here in the snow, on Fifth Avenue

And right now, radio’s all that we can hear.

Just realised another thing: My title is from song lyrics!!:) I’ve been stalking people, jumping from blog to blog just to find out what people have been doing to their lives. People that I’ve always wanted to be, people I will never be. Had lots of fun checking contact list from contact list, just to find out the names of two girls who have already left the job but I never had the chance to ask them things. And I’m not gonna do the dedications today because I have a very annoying colleague who keeps speeaking to subscribers in that sickly sweet voice. Ugh.

My March is gonna be so filled with so many events. I really missed it when my life was so busy and I was practically running place to place, planning event after event, attending meetings after meetings that I practically have no time to breathe in. I miss the times that I used to scold people because of their efficiency, or lack thereof. The times when I could still blog so thoughtfully/intellectually, when I can still read the posts and feel that ahh, there were times when I still reflected on my life. And I actually miss the times when I can rant and rant and rant over practically everything, being angry with every single one of the people in my life for no apparent reason. (I mean, I don’t exactly like it but it just gives me smth to talk about). Like for now, even if I’m angry or anything, it’ll just go away when I sleep it off. I’m hardly angry with anyone anymore. I’m more like annoyed with things that people do, or more of how they behave around me and others.

I mean, I’m still not perfect at ignoring the feelings I face when I feel left out – for example, Mandy’s birthday chalet thing. I was making a mountain out of a molehill. Just because I’m bored of someone to talk to, to argue with. 7 minutes more before I knock off:)


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