Just finished the previous post.

Just finished the previous post, and I just felt that leaving with that particular last line seems pretty strong. And there’s just not a better way to be able to end that matter.

Can’t wait for the events that are starting to come really soon:) Tmr would be my last day at work!:) And after work, I’ll be heading down to see my cute cousin and my grandma:) Monday is left to submit my timesheet, pack my luggage, go shopping (hopefully) and attend the BBQ with the clique:) Let’s hope it all turns out fine!:) Tuesday to Friday, I’ll be off in my villa in Phuket and ignoring the technological gadgets in my life for the next few days and just enjoy being in the presence of my family and friends, with the first world advancements in the presence 🙂 When I’m back on Friday night, *play the song ‘Last Friday Night* I’ll be heading off to GB HQ to stay over in preparation of the Cheerleading Competition that is organised by HQ on Saturday🙂 Sunday would be the day out with my hilarious/loving people from M&S!:)

On a side note, I’ve always been thinking. If I ever further my studies overseas, I will not tell anyone except for my parents and grandparents and my relatives. I don’t wanna bear the hurt/pain of saying goodbye. I will only let my friends know after I’m gone. Doesn’t it make things easier for all of us?

<3, Faith


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