Things to do!

Hello people! 🙂

I’m in the midst of transferring all my things from the Macbook to the hard disk, because I’ve got to go down to RP tmr to do my laptop configuration. Hopefully it’s pretty quick, or else I’ll be stuck there the entire day *cross fingers*

It’s day 2 of not going to work when it’s a weekday- and I’ve just been lazing around. Haven’t been doing much except read the papers, transferring the documents, watching youtube videos on how to transfer EVERYTHING, and sleeping. Thats about what I’ve been doing yesterday and today. I need to get more organised, but the thing is, I just wanna rest. Probably going to go running for half an hour before dinner, then I’ll rest for the rest of the night. I’ll get to watch the Noose, and the Channel U show. *smiles*

My Phuket trip was so awesome! ❤ It was so much better than expected, and I loved every single part of it except the part where I got sunburnt, and the little flies that are simply everywhere!:) It was an eye opener especially the part at the night street. Mumsie signed the package, meaning I’ll get to go overseas again very soon! Pictures are already up on facebook, and I don’t like wordpress form of uploading pictures so I decided not to include the pictures here!

Cheerleading competition was awesome! Spent the entire day leading cheers in front of so many people, and I got to go on the news because I posed with the Minister. I’m so proud of my girls cos they looked so smart in their cheerleading costumes! ❤ Now I’m sick because I kept cheering and cheering till I’ve got no more voice:( Hopefully I recover soon, then I’ll get to start doing covers with Hung again! We’re hoping for more chances to perform gigs at Scape! So I’m praying it’ll happen too! I’m pursuing dance, and I promise to work on my vocals. If I have intentions to join a singing company, then I’ll have to learn to be more versatile in my singing. And not to forget, being able to recognise pitches/keys which is most important.

❤ Catch with y’all really soon!


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