Dedications <3

This has been due for such a long time!:)

The Clique’s

This is still, the one and only picture of our clique. I seriously miss those times in secondary school, where all of us were in white collar and most in the same class. Our friendship has gone through thick and thin, especially my relationship with y’all, but I just wanna thank you all the same for being here for me all the time. Throughout my entire life since I have known y’all. At the times when I was most unreasonable, you guys gave in to me. At the times when I was at my most temperamental, you guys tried listening. At the times when I feel the worst, y’all were here for me. Thank you so much! I know I haven’t been one of the best friend I should have been when y’all need me, but I promise I will try. Now that we’re all separated to all walks of life, I can say you guys are one of the biggest part of my secondary school life. I will never forget all the memories, the texts, the morning breakfast, the things we planned out together, the camps we’ve been through, prom, everything. ❤

Cheryl and me

Hey Cheryl;) We need to take more pictures, I swear. There isn’t one shot where you’re glam and I’m glam, together. It’s either you’re glam and I’m not. Or I’m glam and you’re not. I’m serious! So the next outing, we need to take one shot that both of us looks good in. Putting looks aside, I just wanna say thanks for being my awesome friend, really staying by me through so many things. Really for being my listening ear for every thing that’s going on in my entire life, whether it’s interesting or not. It’s been a great two years knowing you, and I just wanna tell you I’ll be here for you too no matter what. You can always tell me stuff if you’re comfortable, and don’t feel insignificant. Because you’re one of the most important people in my life. xoxo

Sheryl and me

Hello Sheryl. The first impression you gave me was that you were bossy. The first time we met was in choir:) And we just spoke briefly in sec one and two. We only got closer in Sec 2 when both of us were the only two chosen sec twos to join the China CIP with the other Sec 3s. I remembered it was my first trip without my parents, and I was supposed to be independent. To be honest, I really missed those times where we were shopping at Fuzhou City and I told you ‘Let’s not turn into any corners, let’s just go straight and shop. This way we wouldn’t get lost.’ We were the only two who didn’t have a teacher to accompany us, and we didn’t even want them:) I really missed those times, all the poker games, and late night supper, and the cold quail eggs and push monkeys:) Thank you for being a listening ear and for letting me know more about you, in Sec 4 when your mum scolded you for forgetting your entry proof and everything and you spent the afternoon with us in Macs:) We must stay in contact! xoxo

Wendy and me

Hi Wendy! You’ve always been there for me, like all the others have. You’re one of the most dramatic people I’ve ever met, especially your comments and actions never fail to make us laugh:) We always have this little quarrels over doing things, the latest was doing the BBQing of food at Phyllis’ place:) I love the camwhore moments we have!:) You’re also one of the people so prone to injuries I think I can compete with. So far, you’ve broken both your arms, and both your legs. And not to forget, your nose as well. So what’s next? Haha, just joking! Please, I don’t ever wanna see you injured! I can’t wait for school to be starting, especially we’re gonna be in the same school:) ❤

Mandy and me

Hello Mandy! I remembered meeting you in choir as well! I was so talkative, and at that time, I was hoping you’ll stay in choir which you eventually didn’t cos of your love for softball. Thanks for being the supportive friend I needed all these times, especially for my auditions for the Impresario, and everything:) You’ve been one of my greatest supporters, always encouraging me to do what I loved! Just know that I never wanna lose you, dear!:) Promise to stay in contact no matter what, and don’t feel like you’re not part of us during our gatherings:) xoxo

Phoebe and me

Hey Phoebe! I miss my dancing partner! I remember us dancing during LLS, that was one of the best moments in my life!:) I remembered you were in GB in primary school, but I didn’t really know you except that you were quite crazy, always appearing everywhere. I got to know you better when I was in sec 2, and hanging out with Mandy and Chang:) Then both of us were in council, and AK sent us both to LLS. We had so much fun there, especially the part where we were bunk mates! Hahah! We were in the same bunk, and I think I smacked you in the face at night:) Those 3 days and 2 nights was really awesome, with all the dancing, and running without shoes, and waking up in the middle of the night being thrown into the forest. I really miss you so much, especially now that you’re no longer in SG with us! I can’t wait for you to be back again, and we can shop and hang out more! I miss you so much, all of us do actually xoxo

Phyllis and me

Hey Phyllis! I don’t have another solo picture of you with me. We’re always in group pictures together! Hahah! I think I’ve known you for at least 10 years, since we were in GB together! Thanks for being such an awesome company leader:) I remember the first time I ever saw you cry was when I think, Siting got into trouble with the ahbengs and you were so worried for our reputation. That was the first time I ever saw you shed a tear! But really, thank you for being so clear headed while the rest of us continue with all of nonsense, and you always have to get us to snap out of it in order to get things going. xoxo

Guess I’m gonna stop here. Will continue with other people another time!:)


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