People who matter.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to transfer my old text messages from my old phone to my current one and yet it’s not working! So I became desperate so Ive decided to transfer the messages that are the most important by typing it out by hand. It meant so much to me and will continue to mean so much more. These texts have pulled me through a very tough year for me. 2011 was the year I strived to change, where I had the most ups and downs, breakdowns, trials and tribulations. It also showed me who stayed and never left.

Decided to continue with the dedications!

Yu Hung and Wifey!

“Happy birthday faith! Hope your dreams of becoming a star or singer or even a teacher comes true! 🙂 remember if you have any problems you can SMS me!:) for now let’s word hard for our Os jia you faith! I pray you will constantly thank God for your existence because it is worthy to thank God for! 🙂 happy sweet sixteen birthday faith! Ps. It’s deepavali :)” – Hung

This is my best guy friend and his wife. Okay, fine they’re not married but they will get married and I’ll be the wedding planner after  I graduate with my diploma from Integrated Events Management:) Hahaha! I won’t charge a high price for your wedding:) Anyway, as I look back at my text messages from the past, when we were so much closer, you were the best guy friend I ever had. Not that now you’re not, but you have someone so much more important!:) Just wanna say thank you so much for being here for me no matter what happened – the text messages proved it. You’ve helped me go through so much with life, and thank you for being here for me; encouraging, listening and most importantly, having so much faith in me. You’ve been an awesome guitarist, and I look forward to every recording/jamming session:) I look forward to every single one of our meetings, because some way or another, you always find a way to make me smile! You’re one of the persons who’ve contributed to helping become who I am today and I thank you so much for that!:)

My favourite people

Nadia: Hey girl, thank you for being that supportive junior; being there to listen, and encouraging me when things get tough along the way. I’ve never regretted being your sec one pal, or else you wouldn’t have joined GB and we wouldn’t have chances to interact even more. I’m so glad to see you grow from that girl in sec one to that leader you are now. I know your O’s are approaching, and you’re pressing for time to study and study. I just wanna say you always always have me here and you can always come and look for me no matter what happens. You can even approach me in your studies:) xoxo

Violet: Hello Violet!:) I only remembered meeting you through GB and we grew to be closer friends? Thanks for being here for me as well, like how Nadia has been. You’re someone who has great leadership potential and I really mean that. Being a company leader really puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulder, and I’m pretty sure you’re one great leader. O’s are approaching, I wish you all the best. For PBB, I encourage you to really be proactive, stand out (in a good way), take initiative. I don’t know what else I have to say, but it’s a learning experience:) Take whatever you learnt back to GB, and groom the next generation of leaders:) xoxo

Hoi Luen: Hi bimbo! Even though we grew apart last year, we’ve alway remained close friends:) Thanks for always being here for me all the time. You’ve always tried to help in all the little ways you can, and somehow you always managed to sense that something’s wrong with me when others couldn’t:) Just know that whatever happens, I’ll always be here. You can always tell me things:) xoxo


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