Deja Vu?

I don’t know how you’d feel when you’re not chosen for something while all your friends are, or when someone of a lower level are chosen over you. Do you feel incompetent? Or maybe useless? Is unworthy the word to use? That kinda summarises the feelings I felt when I faced the so called ‘office politics’ when I was both in the student council and the girls’ brigade.

Was just looking at twitter and I find that there are cycles in every generation which repeat even though many things change.

Now it’s the time for the choosing/grooming of the next generation of leaders, many people will be competing for the different roles in the cca. Inevitably, some are in, some are out. This then makes me feel like every single aspect of your life – academics, friendship, influence, relationships – matter even more so. If the teachers feel that you can’t cope with any one of it, then you’ll fall short.

You’ll also find that some people change when it’s time for them to receive their so called authority/power. You find that friends you once knew so much start to change, you kinda feel you don’t recognise them anymore. So what can you do?

1. Nothing or 2. You adapt. Whichever is harder, I don’t know. But for me, I sure as well will not sit my ass there and watch things happen.


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