Problem-based Learning

Hey readers:)

Today is the first official school day in RP. It’s the first day I start my first module in RP, the first day for so many things new. It’s a totally different feeling having to know only your OGLs and your freshmen mates, and a different feeling of meeting your old seniors (people who really hate you) and you feel so awkward around school with them whispering. Today is also the first day of problem-based learning – a really new approach than what I’m used to in MOE 10 year education pedagogy.

It’s really different from what I am used to, and I have to adapt to it. I don’t know how long I’ll take to adapt, but I hope it’ll be soon I’ll adapt or else my grades will suffer. There are pros and cons of using the Internet and the laptop of doing your schoolwork + notes, but I just wanna say I miss using the pen and paper.

Done with the first day of school, and it’s really a different change from everything I’ve been so used to for the past ten years. Every year since I was primary one, all we ever did was to sit there and listen to the teachers go on about the day’s learning, then we’ll have to complete some class work, then she’ll assign homework which is due the very next day. Sometimes we’ll have class tests, sometimes we’ll have mental sums, and twice a year we’ll have semestral exams.

But now we have daily problems (and their one heck of a problem), presentations to do every single day at the third meeting, and RJs, quiz, self and peer evaluations every single day and every single one of them contribute to my daily grade, which in turn will contribute to my module grade, which in the end will contribute to my GPA.

I’m really behaving like a nerd, who goes around doing notes and rushing to the presentations even if my group mates are not focused. I try to do my best, but it seems like my best isn’t enough. This is worse than secondary school where CA marks mattered, but now even attendance and everything you do is graded.

All I want to do now is really put in the very best I have, and that God will do the rest.


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