Just gonna stand there and watch you burn.

Math class was thought-provoking today. It made me question about why I use a certain method in solving the questions and why we actually use what formulas we actually use to do our questions. Here’s an example.

Q: Looking at your equation in Q3, there is a certain sequence of the operations that affect the final answer. If so, which operations should come first and which can be performed later? You may like to come up with an example to show how this sequence affects the final answer.

The certain sequence of operations would be using the acronym BODMAS, which would be brackets, operations, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. It would be in the following order in the acronym.

The example would be:

    • (2 + 5) x 6
    • 2 + 5 x 6

Mathematics is no longer the usual thing of equations, formulas and symbols any more. We used to answer Math questions via pen and paper, and we used to complain about such things. We used to be able to do Math without typing it in the computer; we didn’t bother about out handwriting, we didn’t care that our teachers have to read it. Now I really understand why the teacher takes time to come up with worksheets; the fact that they have to use the computer to prepare the worksheets for us is already an ordeal itself. We always thought writing and practising the equations by hand is tedious but once you start having to type it out, it’s so annoyingly annoying. That’s a change from what we’ve been doing.

I love this two people: Sarah Jane and Dani:) I’m so glad to have met them from FOP because they’re always here for me!:) Shall update tomorrow!



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