RJ – Introduction to Communication!

I feel that Adolf Hitler would be one example of a good communicator. Even though I do not agree with his action of the extermination of the Jews, I felt that one reason why he could still be so powerful and influential in the world at that time would be how he was able to communicate effectively, especially with his people of Germany.

Hitler was an excellent orator and an influential leader. For a politician to be successful in his political life, one had to gain the support of the people. Hitler was very successful in this point. He knew what the people wanted and he gave it to them. This would be demostrated through his policy: All things to all men A few examples would be how Hitler promised the rich people/farmers that if they voted for him, their want of controlling the Communists would be fulfilled so that there will not be rebellions happening in their farms, which would result in the loss of manpower and in turn, cause a loss in earnings. He also promised the people of Germany that he would abolish the harsh terms in the Treaty of Versailles. He understood that with the terms of the TOV in place, Germany would suffer a loss of national pride and he knew what the people wanted – for them to regain their national pride. He also gave the people someone to blame for all the problems, and thus he made the Jews a common enemy. This showed that he made used of giving them a common identity which was critical in making him an effective leader. From the examples we know that he focused on a few groups of people and gave them what they wanted – he knew who were his target groups were, he
knew what his audience wanted.

I feel that what Hitler has done would relate very closely to what we have learnt today in class. I can identify that Hitler identify what the different groups of people wanted, he knew where they differed in terms of maturity level, age, and most importantly in this context, the expectations they wanted. One characteristic that helped him would be how he was very charismatic – he knew how to engage his audience. I also know that communication takes place in a context, and it is evident when it shows how Hitler differ when he speak to different crowds of people. In this case, it would also be the case of public communication.


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