“Error flies from mouth to mouth, from pen to pen, and to destroy it takes ages” – Voltaire

We are very apt to believe anything that someone else tells us, even if we are not given sufficient information to back the statement up. In addition, we are very unlikely to verify the accuracy of what others tell us. We then pass on the information, as truth, believing we have just given someone else knowledge, which in fact is false. Before we know it, what started out as the false knowledge of one has become accepted as true knowledge by many. When dealing with the written word, the same phenomenon occurs, only this time to a greater extent. People more readily believe written sources as being true than spoken word. Many people accept as truth what they see published simply because they believe that it must have come from a credible source. They accept the validity of this knowledge without any investigation into the author’s credibility or knowledge on the subject.

Got this from a website, and I love the meaning!


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