Love you, love you not?

Hello readers!;)

Guess I haven’t been updating for a week; can’t seem to find the right words to write.

While the rest had lunch, I decided to camwhore with Dani’s iPod.

I love the effects! We went to JCube for ice-skating, then City Hall for shopping with Mashita and Dani ❤ Talked the entire time in the train, laughing and ignoring what others thought of us. Learnt how to ice-skate, I would love to do it again after I’m done with dance lessons!:) Walked around JCube to look for a pair of jeans but to no avail, because it’s practically empty there. Went to City Hall with the other two and we went to so many shops in the two hours. Legs were aching from ice-skating, so we went home early!:)

I don’t know how I feel, I just know without you, I feel so lost. I just want to tell you “It’s you, stupid”. Need I say more?


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