Regrets & Mistakes

Sometimes I do feel like I’m turning back to my old self; even tho I’ve been a lot matured in terms of many situations, I feel that my usage of profanities has just increased by bounds and leaps, and that’s not a thing I should be proud of. Maybe you can say it’s peer influence but that’s not a very good excuse – it’s just well, lame. Sure, I’m not the only one using it but there are definitely others who don’t use it as well. I do hope I change on that part tho; using vulgarities isn’t very Christian-like, lady-like or someone with class.

Confession: Sometimes, I do feel like a hypocrite. When I said I’ll help a person, then I turned around joining others talking bad about them. It’s not that I do it on purpose, but sometimes you just want to help them and yet feel annoyed with that person all at the same time.  What do I do in such a situation? I feel so disgusted with myself for doing all that.

Especially if that person has been really nice to you after your help, sending you the quiz questions when you needed it the most and you just did the worst thing you could have ever done to someone else. I really feel so disgusted with myself. I don’t want to continue like that anymore, but sometimes, some people just want to test your patience to the limits.

Sometimes I really do scare myself, am I turning into my own scariest nightmare?


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