You’ll never be able to please every single person out there.

Don’t you think so? I feel that statement is so right, it’s like no matter how much you change to suit one person, another will hate it. Then you’ll change again, and the cycle goes on, it’s never-ending. In the midst of it all, you begin to lose the person you really are, and you start evolving to be someone you are not. To come out of that cycle, you have to start. All over again.

It’s so tiring, you might not even want to go on trying. You might not be able to persevere through it all – the criticisms you have to take in, the sacrifices you have to make, the struggles you have to face. The things people say about you would start bringing you down, the things you’ll think about – you’ll start asking yourself if it was all worth it. It’ll be a long process, but y’know when you come out of it all, you come out a STRONGER person.



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