One of the best RJ I’ve written.

I have always wanted to write a song, an idea I’ve always longed to complete. It may seem simple, just putting words together. But it’s more than that, a lot more than that. Song writing has many purposes, but all requires a message that we want to bring across. It’s a method to dig deeper to the thoughts that’s going through my mind, the feelings and expressions that I wish to convey to others.

I can try to implement the strategy of ‘examining by analogy’ when I wish to speak of a message subtly to my audience. Like the example in the worksheet, we can quote from Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances.” where Shakespeare brings us a message that the life we are living in is merely a performance, everyone have their time to come and go. But by using analogy, it makes people give more thought to what we are trying to say rather than to tell them the message directly.

Also, I can try to use the strategy of ‘examining by knowing the history of an idea’. This is useful when I want to write about a song with a certain message like peace, love, justice – topics that are of social concern. For example, love can have different meanings – for example, love can be having intimate feelings for someone of the opposite sex, love can also mean brotherly or sisterly love between people generally, love can be the love for people who are suffering in that time, in time of war. The song ‘Where is the love?’ was questioning the world peace during the war, questioning why is there a war even though everyone seems to be of equal.

These strategies would be helpful when I’m trying to bring a message across without doing it so directly, allowing the target audience have some food for thought about what I’m trying to convey.

My RJ for Cognitive Process and Problem Solving Problem 06. One of the best RJs I feel that I have written. Maybe this was smth I always wanted to talk about, but I couldn’t think of a proper title to express it. Deon mentioned it, and I realised it was plausible. Thus, the piece. xo


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