Sleeping makes me forget everything

I’m so glad that when I get into a deep sleep, without having any dreams throughout the night, the intense emotions/feelings that I had in me before I sleep seemed to have faded away. Got knocked back into my senses by everyone else around me and they’re right. I need to not let things affect me so easily.

I don’t feel angry/upset anymore. I shouldn’t waste all time thinking about people who make me angry/upset/feelings of negativity but think about things I can do with people who never fail to make me smile. I need to be the ‘I don’t a give a fuck about what you think, I’m just going to do what I want’ faith again, not someone who keeps wanting to be the nice girl and give in to what everyone wants me to do. It’s time to stand up for myself (in a good way, of course!)

In this life, there’s no way I can ever please everyone, but I can always please myself. xo


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