Rumour Has It I’m the one you’re leaving her for.

Sorry I haven’t been updating this space for such a long time. As much as I want to update this everyday, I’ve been busy (and very tired) and it’s not like people are reading this space anyway. Been busy with pretty much everything – studies, Makan Place and Replug’s internals.

I had my 2nd internals yesterday. Comparing yesterday’s internal and the previous showcases, I think this is one of the best I’ve done. I think what helped me was that I wanted to get into character; bringing out the emotions that I want to convey to the audience, I wanted the audience to feel what I felt. I built a persona on stage when I sung – like a totally different person from who I was off stage. Not that I wanted to do that on purpose, but I wanted to capture people’s attention and that I’m not just any other person singing a song. I did not worry about anything my band was playing/singing but this time was all about myself. It sounds selfish, but it helps. The seniors always mentioned that you need to take care of yourself first, like if your band are playing the wrong chord, let them find the way back themselves. We still need someone there to get it right so the others can find their way back in. Another thing was that I wanted to blend in with Qistina’s voice since she is starting first, I wanted it to flow. I did not want it to sound like two different people singing, and I succeeded.

I wasn’t concerned about what I did on stage, so I am pretty much curious about what I did up there.  There’s still a lot to learn but I think it’s a step. A mini step. At least I’m starting.



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