Roses are red, Violets are blue.

My Ignite Tag

In case you don’t know what Ignite is, it’s this platform which RP organised where local bands in Singapore would be performing for. I especially loved 53A’s gig. I went to check them out after the Ignite Music Festival 2012 and they’re really good. I’m like ‘How could I not have known about them?’ after checking out their videos. Also, one of my goals is to perform on Ignite’s stage!! It’ll be such a great honour to perform alongside with all the other talented people.

My job there was to assist the monitor engineer by noting down where the 7 monitors are to placed for each band, as well as to help the mic ops to place the mics. It was tiring, but nevertheless, it was a great experience. (Have I mentioned that I look smokin’ in the black attire + walkie talkie and a headset!). As a musician/vocalist, you really don’t know how much work is put up backstage to ensure you have the maximum experience onstage. The stage crew’s eyes are present there not to enjoy the show after setting up for you, but to note if anything goes wrong and to immediately provide assistance. I really don’t know how some bands (I shall not name names) can turn out to be so arrogant just because they’re famous/popular when they are really dependent on the stage crew/sound engineers. I promise to be nice to the crew when I am out for performances, they deserve more credit for the things they do, honestly. Hopefully, I’ll be watchful of my attitude.

GB Day 2011

I woke up early today to head down to GM to catch the girls in their GB uniforms for GB Day! Caught up with some of the teachers and truly, I miss GM so much even though there are things that I wished could become better. I miss the togetherness of the school – how everyone is so much closer, how you’ll know everyone by the end of your school life there, how it is like family there. Maybe it only happens for my school, but I kinda miss that feeling a lot.

When I was in GM, every single day I prayed I will get out of there soon. But right now, all I want to do is go back and be in the presence of the teachers who nag whenever you don’t submit your homework. Now, you’re in charge of your own learning so if you don’t bother, no one else is going to. As I grow older everyday, people will be expecting more from you. It sucks how your little actions you do or words you say become taken seriously and you’ll get judged for it. It sucks how grades are based on whether the facilitator likes you or the amount of work they deem is satisfiable for an A. Sometimes you’re the one who did everything but hell, you get the worst grade of the group.

Another thing I feel that it’s sad would be my commitment to GB. I find it so pathetic when I look at the video played today and how much I’ve been missing in the past 6 months. For the past 9 years in my life, I have faithfully attended every Enrolment Service and this year, I broke the record. I used to attend GB every week regularly + extra days to prepare for  the activities. It sucks to find out that I cannot be bothered to head back to HQ just for once a month. It’s pretty pathetic how I used to do so much for GB yet now, I’m no longer serving faithfully even tho I promised. It feels weird to go back to somewhere I grew up in and realised that you feel awkward you don’t belong. One thing hit me this morning tho and it’s making me think if I should reconsider my decision to totally remove the whole part of GB from my life altogether.

Once a GB girl, always a GB girl.



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