I stand alone.

No, I don’t mean it in a bitchy way. I just feel that I always stand alone. I might know many people, but deep down, I don’t have (at least, I haven’t found) one person whom I’m really close to; that someone who really knows me inside out or that one person whom I can really confide to. I haven’t found them yet.

Throughout my life. In primary school. In secondary school. Even now.

I have made many friends; some of whom I was and am close to but it’s just not the same that what other people have. That BFF whom they hang out with ALL THE TIME or they link arms and go everywhere TOGETHER. BFFs whom stay over at each other’s houses. BFFs who look alike that people think they’re sisters; BFFs who are such familiar faces in each other’s place.

I really envy people who have such close relationships with each other; I wished I had such relationships with people but I think I really suck at my EQ.

Sucks to be me, x


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