Faith’s Space.

I think today’s post will be a pretty long one – provided I finish it:-) (Haha y’all my non-existent readers have no idea how many drafts are in that white space I call my dashboard because I didn’t bother finishing it.) Okay, it’s not that I didn’t bother, it’s more like I didn’t have time or half way while writing the post I couldn’t think of the right words to put in or I just got bored and went to do smth else. (It’s Faith, what’s new!)

I treat this space more like my personal diary where I jot down my memories during my walk of life (Cheesy much?) Being a boring person with a boring life (I hope this will change!), I usually have nothing to blog about other than school and school (Get my point?!)


First things first: Updates! (Yay or nay!)

Update No 1:
I just finished/completed my Final One audition video and submitted it (finally!!!). My mother has been nagging at me (since the day I told her I wanted to take part in the competition) to complete it but since I could not find people to help me with the recording until the very last minute, I couldn’t do anything about it!

Then now you might be wondering why I didn’t just record to a minus one track. Reasons: I don’t know when to come in most of the time or it’s either too fast or too slow for my liking or I don’t have much space for my own rendition and I do not know how to have GREAT audio quality. So, I finally manage to get hold of Dansen Chua (Check out his YouTube channel here) who cancelled his classes just to help me and Udi with our videos (Took us about 3 hours!) and I stayed up till 4am to complete editing + uploading the videos. Yes, I pray that I never have to go through with that anymore but I’m glad I learnt how to play around with Final Cut Pro (Might consider getting that!).

On a side note, I really wanna thank everyone who helped share, like, comment or just taking time off to listen to it. It really means a lot to me. Every single view is appreciated. ‘Thank you’ seems to be the only thing I can say to everyone because I really don’t know how to show y’all how much this means to me. Even a million ‘thank you’ isn’t enough to show you how blessed these has made me feel.

Update No 2.
Hi everyone! *waves* It’s now my holidays!!! The long awaited moments when I no longer have to wake up at 6AM just to get to school on time. Y’know how tiring it is to have to sleep at 12AM and wake up at 6AM for 5 continuous days while having your brain juice being squeezed out little by little by the things you have to learn in class?! I shall save the rants for the next semester (haha!) Sadly, I still have papers (don’t worry they’re open book! But sigh they’re still papers!) till 27th Feb! But hooray to no longer having to wake up every single day just to go to class!

So I’m calling out to everyone who wanna meet me up for a cuppa nearby, or for a movie or just to hang out, you know my number;-) I’m going to take this month to work, to do more covers and to really catch up with friends I haven’t seen in years:>


Now, Random Thoughts:

No 1:
I was just thinking since Valentines’ Day just passed, how much I’ve changed in terms of the number of crushes I have had and the stupid things I used to do/feel. Then again, I was naive. You can’t blame me. I could easily fall for any guy that looks cute and all (I feel like I used to be so desperate!) but now it doesn’t come so easily anymore. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m ever going to find the one but I shall just leave it up to God. It would be nice if I could have feelings for a guy but since I don’t, I’m thankful. Maybe I’ve finally grown up.

No 2:
I find it so damn saddening (pardon the English!) that I have to resort to using social networking sites to find out how my friends are doing instead of hearing it from them themselves. It’s so sad how ‘friends’ used to be so close in the past just totally become strangers or hi-bye friends now.


It’s been so long since I’ve properly reflected on what I’ve been blessed with during the past few months. Though I’ve a couple of regrets, I shall just think of other ways on how I can make it better and truly thank God for providing with so much.

I am thankful for the bonds I have made with my family. I’ve finally realized how much I’ve been missing out from the love from my family. I haven’t been the best daughter/granddaughter/sister/family member but I promise to do better. For some reason, I used to dread going home so early but now I absolutely can’t wait for school to end so that I can spend the rest of the day in the presence of my family members.





With the favourite and only cousin I hang out with *inserts hugs and kisses*




IMG_2952Steamboat + Baking sesh with the cousin’s family on a rainy day. 

Thankful for the friends that I’ve managed to keep in contact with and for the friendships that have been made stronger.










Finally get to meet up with this girl who’s been through so much ups and downs. She don’t deserve it but I know she’ll get up stronger than she was before.


Thankful for the talent He has blessed me with.  I hope to be able to do smth with this talent that He has given me with, and know that I will never do anything that will not honour Him.



Shall end this post with a random ootd of me:> Shall get rid of those fat thighs and round face asap.





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