Post #5: Happy Things (1)

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’ve formed a closer bond with someone 🙂

I always feel very heartened when people tell me their closest & darkest secrets. It means they trust me.

Trust. It’s something you take so much time to build but requires only a snap of the fingers (or less) for it to be gone. It’s quite sad when y’know you lost the trust of someone & all you want to do is make up for it but y’know deep in your heart, nothing’s ever gonna be the same again. Can’t help but feel sad/ angry at myself when I caused the trust to be broken in a relationship. You might think that this might help me be a better person & forgive when people break my trust but it doesn’t happen. I get really pissed when people break my trust & I know that the relationship can no longer be saved. Not ever.

In any case, I love being a listening ear & being there for someone when they need it. I love being able to give advice & it’s even better when that person takes your advice. I love giving out hugs when someone has had a bad day — I know how it feels like to feel like crap all day & not have anyone there for them.

If you are reading this, and if you are EVER feeling like no one is there to listen, you know where to find me 🙂



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