Midnight Memories.

Hello readers,

Sorry I haven’t really updated this space as much as I would like to and just a heads up, this is probably the last post till after August (unless I can find any time in between to write about my life!). I was just wondering why I haven’t really updated this site and the reasons are 1) when I have time, that point of my life was probably really uneventful and there was nothing to talk about and 2) when my life becomes really eventful, I don’t really have time to update this space.


As of now, I’m back in school taking 6 modules (I don’t know if I should be thankful because I don’t have FYP?) and no, I did not choose to kill myself by taking those 6 modules. Apparently, they were all compulsory for me to take if I want to graduate. And did I already mention that those 6 modules are also killer modules?! Sigh I can totally foresee my sleepless nights already *yay*

I’m also involved in this year’s planning of IGNITE! Music Festival and I’m so excited for everyone to be part of this! We are a student-driven music festival that only features LOCAL bands (The Sam Willows, 53A, Caracal and many more!) Do spare some time & check out our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram & the Blog! I promise you, you won’t regret coming down this year! Oh oh oh it’s on the 15th & 16th August (keep the dates free!!!!)

I’m currently looking at moving to a different blog site so if you guys have any suggestions, please comment in the comment box below. As much as I really like WordPress, the features that I really want requires me to pay for them and I don’t think I’m gonna do that. I’m really open to any other new domains but I’m looking at being able to personalize my site without having to pay too much for it 🙂


I know what I’ve been posting has no relation to the title but this title means so much more to me than you know it. I treasure my memories with everyone that has been part of my short 18+ years of my life and I just feel that maybe I should stop caring so much. I mean, as much as I put my emotions into caring for the people who matter so much to me, they probably don’t feel the same way about me. They don’t actually care.

I’m tired of the ‘I miss you(s)’ and ‘Let’s meet soon’ but all these never ever happens. People say what they say but they don’t ever mean it. I’m tired of being the one who cares so much in the relationships I have with people. I truly am tired. If you realized, I don’t tell people things anymore. I try not to start conversations with you. I just stop talking altogether. I keep them all to myself (because in the end, the only person who is going to be there for you, is you). For your information, I’m not someone who trusts so easily and for me to have let you come into my life, it has been such a gamble (because if you guys leave, it’s as if a part of me is gone too). It probably sounds cheesy but that’s the only way I can put how I feel right now. I’m really tired.

Don’t test me anymore because maybe, just maybe, it’s really time for me to care a bit more about myself than about you. Maybe, I should just care about how I feel than how you feel. Maybe, I should stop trying to start a conversation when you don’t even try to keep up with me.

Maybe, I should just stop putting emotions to the things I do. Because, you don’t really care.