Date Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Date Anyone Else (Not Even Yourself)

I wish, I wish.

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Al King image – Flickr / Al King

“Date Someone Who” has proven to be a popular formula, so here’s my take:

Date someone who knows you, perhaps, even better than yourself. Date someone who can tell your mood by the twitch of your face, or a fleeting side glance. Date someone who knows your every little or big secret, and still loves you anyway – despite knowing damn well what he’s getting into (that you could have a personality disorder or some mental health risks. No biggie).

Date someone who can make you happy, on days when you simply can’t. Date someone who tries, and still gives you the “butterflies” even when he isn’t really trying. Date someone who knows the best ways to make you smile, and the worst. Date someone who remembers the little things that you don’t expect him to, like the brand of your favourite childhood snack…

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