An Open Letter From Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I should stop feeling the way I do about you.

Thought Catalog

To my ex:

People do crazy things when they are hurt, vulnerable, or hold onto false hope. I have this awful tendency to forgive and apologize for everything, but deep inside I am trying to hint at the fact that I am not okay– I want forgiveness and apologies too. I give way too many chances, which is why it hits me hard when those chances are thrown away. I miss the person I met– you are not him. You have transformed into the person I said goodbye to with a simple “I hate you”.

I cannot expect you to begin to comprehend how I feel as if I live in some sort of weird déjà vu at times. You never understood why I worried so much, but it’s because of days like today—days where all those things I shouldn’t worry about happen. I am starting to think that maybe…

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