if there are still people who check this place out, this space has been faithful in documenting my (sometimes wise) thoughts for the past few years & though I’ve come on this platform a lot lesser than I used to, I looked back at the posts and laugh cus I can’t believe I said certain things whilst some posts made me question “what made me feel this way to have written this?”

I did my reflection on my Instagram so I shall ctrl + v what I said here:

2015 has really been one heck of a year & looking back, the year started out very differently with pretty different goals that I wanted to achieved. however, looking at where I am now – graduated with a diploma, started walking with my Daddy God again, turning 20, growing with a really special person (💛) and so many many more – I really thank God for all the amazing people whom He’s put in my life, the opportunities that He has blessed me with, and the never-ending grace & mercies He has shown in my life. 😊 I know I’ve grown to be a much different person as compared to who I was before. 2016 is going to be a year where I am placed in an extremely uncomfortable position but I know it’s a pruning process that will not be easy but with God’s strength & His love & with all the people around me, it’s gonna be a year to remember ✨ thank you for an amazing 2015 & here’s to the new year! 🦄 #TYJ #faiths2015

I’m starting a new season in my life, so I’m taking this opportunity to ‘reset’. I’m moving to another url (click here to follow me) and if you want to still check me out, I’m @ardourkisses on Instagram 🙂

with love, faith x

Days like these, I wanna drive away.

Hello once again! 🙂

I’m only left with er, 3 days of work? I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to drag myself to work. Okay, fine, it’s not so serious. I don’t drag myself to work. I just dread the transportation to work even though it’s so near home that I can even walk. It’s like so troublesome. Take a bus here, cross a bridge and take another bus. And then I WALK.

I’m supposed to be calling and calling people, but here I am slacking and slacking. Heehee!:) But I’ve been calling and calling people that I’m so scared of the phone right now. My ear aches and turn red after every call:( Just spoke to my bosses! I might come back to SPH during my holidays and work!:)

Gonna do dedications for my favourite people in the next post. I can’t promise I’ll do for everyone, but I’ll try my bestest before the clock ticks to 8.30pm!:)